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Leadership Council

The Campbell Law Leadership Council consists of the Officers of the Student Bar Association, the Presidents of each student organization that receives funding from the Student Bar Association, and leaders of other student organizations on campus. The Leadership Council meets regularly throughout the year, usually on a monthly basis, and is facilitated by the Director of Student Life & Pro Bono Opportunities.. The purpose of the Leadership Council is to:

1. Encourage dialogue among student leaders to increase communication and collaboration within the student organizations;

2. Provide opportunities for Senior Administration and the Student Bar Association to communicate with student organizations about policies, procedures, and other critical information affecting student organizations; and

3. Provide student organizations the opportunity to communicate with Senior Administration, the Student Bar Association, and each other on a regular basis with the goal of enhancing student life at Campbell Law School.

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SBA Officers

Emily Pappas

Vice President    
Phillip Jefferson

Stacy Strickland

Devon Karst

Student Organization Presidents

American Bar Association    
Marshall Conrad (Representative)

American Civil Liberties Union    
Michael Ferretti (interim)

Black Law Student Association     
Terry Brown, Jr.

Business Law Association    
Ryan Callahan

Campbell Law Democrats    
Jeffrey Cox

Campbell Law Innocence Project     
Kimberly Arch

Campbell Public Interest Law Students Association    
Allan Carr

Campbell Law Republicans    
Marshall Conrad

Christian Legal Society    
Chelsey Maywalt

Delta Theta Phi    
Thomas Lamm

The Federalist Society    
Megan Greene

Hispanic Law Student Association
Dayna Principe

Intellectual Property Law Society    
Lorie Goins

Lambda Law    
Michael Atkins

Men's Legal Caucus    
Jake Garris

Military Law Student Association    
Patrick Kuchyt

Phi Alpha Delta    
Truman Barker (Justice)

Sports and Entertainment Law Society    
Victoria Ortiz

St. Thomas More Society    
Melissa Tulis

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund    
Amanda Brookie

Trusts, Estate Settlements and Tax Law    
Sloan Smith

Women in Law    
Elizabeth Paul

Other Organizational Leadership

Campbell Law Observer
Katherine Doering Custis

Campbell Law Review    
Scottie Beth Forbes

Old Kivett Advocacy Council    
Ruffin Sykes

Campbell Law Honor Court    
Ben Brodish

Campbell Law Pro Bono Council    
Manisha Devasthali

Peer Mentor Program    
Alex Graziano

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