Campbell Law School

Minimum Academic Standards


A grade below 65 is a failing grade and requires repetition of the course for receipt of academic credit. Re-examinations are not offered or permitted.

The faculty may determine that a student with a grade ranging from 65 to 74 in a course needs to repeat that course or take a specified elective or group of electives to ensure a sufficient foundation for competence. A student with a pattern of grades in the 65 to 74 range may be required, at the discretion of the faculty, to repeat an entire semester or academic year in order to ensure competence in core courses.

In the event the faculty decides that repeating a course is necessary, the student will be notified in advance and will be entitled to a hearing before the Academic Exclusion Committee on the matter. To the extent that courses are repeated, both grades will be included in the calculation of the student's cumulative average