Campbell Law School

Course Catalog

Campbell Law School offers students a wide variety of courses. Below is a list of courses being offered during the current academic year (or which were offered in a recent academic year).


Administrative Law
Advanced Criminal Law Seminar
Advanced Legal Research
Advanced Negotiation and Analysis
Advanced Real Property
Advanced Trial and Appellate Advocacy
Agricultural Law and Policy
Appellate Briefwriting
Business Organizations
Business Planning
Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought
Civil Procedure I & II
Client Counseling
Common Interest Communities Lawyering Skills Seminar
Comparative Law: Japan
Complex Litigation
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Law I & II
Constitutional Law: Current Issues Seminar
Contract Planning
Contracts I & II
Copyright Law
Corporate Finance
Corporate Reorganization Seminar
Corporations:  From Formation to Major Transactions I & II
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Criminal Procedure Adjudication
Criminal Trial Practice
Current Appellate Issues
Current Topics in Legal Ethics
Disability Law
Education Law Seminar
Employment Discrimination
Employment Relations
Entertainment Law
Environmental Law
Estate and Gift Taxation
Estate Planning
Family Law
Family Law Planning
Federal Courts
Federal Crimes Seminar
Financial Accounting for Lawyers
Firearms Law and the Second Amendment
Foundations of Law
Government Litigation
Great Trials
Health Law Seminar
Immigration and Refugee Law and Practice
Income Taxation
Information Privacy
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Licensing Transactions
Intellectual Property Litigation
International Business Litigation and Arbitration
International Business Transactions
International Trade Law
Introduction to Legal Theory: Ancient to Modern
Introduction to Public International Law
Judicial Process
Jury Selection
Juvenile Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency Law
Juvenile Justice Mediation Project (Classroom)
Juvenile Justice Mediation Project (Clinical)
Land Use Regulation
Law and Medicine
Law and Public Policy
Law Practice Management
Legal Research and Writing I & II
Local Government Law
Media Law Problems and Solutions 
Mediation Advocacy
Military Law
National Security Law
Nonprofit Organizations
North Carolina Constitutional Law
North Carolina Prosecution Advocacy I, II
Ocean and Coastal Law
Panama Mission
Patent Law
Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Plea Bargaining
Practicing Before the North Carolina Clerks of Superior Court
Predictive Analysis and the Future of Law
Pretrial Litigation
Products Liability
Professional Responsibility and Ethics
Property I & II
Public School Law Litigation Seminar
Race, Justice and American Law
Real Estate Finance
Real Property Planning
Religion and First Amendment
Sales and Leases
Scientific Evidence
Secured Transactions
Securities Regulation
Senior Law Clinic
Special Education Law
Start Your Own Law Firm
Taxation of Business Entities
The Black American Lawyer
Theology and the Law
Torts I & II
Trademark and Unfair Competition
Trial Advocacy
Twentieth Century Legal Theory
Wills and Trusts
Workers' Compensation Law and Practice
"I know that no matter where I end up working, I will be a better attorney and a better person because I went to Campbell Law."
Jena Edelman, Class of 2011