Campbell Law School

Commitment to Diversity

Campbell Law opens its arms to students of all racial, religious, ethnic, social, educational, and professional backgrounds. Our outstanding student body is a vibrant mix of traditional and non-traditional students with varied interests, experiences, and perspectives. Part of our responsibility as a caring Christian community is to create an environment where every student is treated with kindness, civility, and respect. We celebrate this diversity and strive to provide students with a learning environment that reflects the diversity of the broader communities in which we live.

Black Law Student Association More ▼

The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) provides support and networking opportunities for African-American students at Campbell Law. Each year, the BLSA hosts social events, participates in both regional and national BLSA conferences, and assists the admissions office with minority recruiting by visiting undergraduate institutions around the state. Members of the BLSA provide incoming students with the support to make a smooth transition into law school and the resources to ensure success at Campbell Law School.

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Hispanic Law Student Association More ▼

HLSA provides support and networking opportunities for Hispanic law students at Campbell.  The organization’s goals include building a strong Hispanic student presence as well as celebrating the cultural, academic and legal accomplishments of our Hispanic community.  Additionally, the organization is committed to educating and introducing those unfamiliar with Hispanic issues by sponsoring events highlighting the unique needs and values of the Hispanic Community.     

In 2010, HLSA sponsored the following events: 

  • Speaker: Michael Scaperlanda, Univeristy of Oklahoma Professor, discussed relevant immigration issues and potential legislative updates.
  • Social Fundraiser: co-sponsored HLSA/BLSA/Salsa night; Salsa dancing supporting the Wake County Boys & Girls Club.  Over 80 people contributed and Campbell HLSA raised more money than any Campbell Law Student organization for the year.
  • Student Fundraiser: co-sponsored fundraiser featuring Hispanic delicacies with Campbell Law’s Pro Bono Publico; monies paid for a member of the community pay application fees related to his application for U.S. citizenship.

In fall 2010, HLSA began hosting Campbell Charlas, a monthly lunchtime event that allows students of any Spanish level to improve their conversational skills by practicing the spoken language with other students.

Hispanic National Bar Association (HBNA) has honored the Campbell Hispanic Law School Association as the Law Student Organization of the Year.  The group was recognized for its commitment to the Hispanic students at Campbell Law, bringing in relevant, high-profile speakers to the school, and hosting events to raise funds for the Wake County Boys and Girls club as well as other causes important to the local Hispanic community.

For more information, please send Campbell HLSA an email at

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Jewish Legal Society More ▼

The purpose of JLS is to foster a sense of fellowship among Jewish law students, faculty, and other members of the Campbell Law School community. It does so by holding programs to which all are invited, which highlight Judaism and the law.

  • JLS has founded the Dessert and Discourse program at Campbell. This is a series of events in which speakers, both from Campbell and the outside community,  speak about relevant and thought-provoking topics of law, and moderate a discussion between students and faculty. As the name suggests, snacks are provided.
  • JLS is proud to be a part of Campbell Law's diverse community, through its support of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA), the Hispanic Law Students Association (HLSA), the Christian Legal Society (CLS), and Campbell Crossroads. 
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FALL 2012
454 total enrolled students
390 North Carolinians
64 students representing
21 other states
10.75% minority enrollment